I am so glad you’re here! Let me tell you a little about myself so that you know me better, just as I plan to get to know you better!

As a mother, my experience with having photos done was less than stellar, so it’s been my mission to make a mother’s experience top-notch and get the good stuff!

Being a creative soul never came naturally to me - I actually felt that I had to work for it, and once I did, it was like a spark that ignited my passion for photography.

I actually had intended to start a photography business in 2012 after I got married. But, life happened - as it does. After having my second child and using photography services with other photographers for me and my own family, it sparked my interest again. On a whim, I purchased a camera and went down the YouTube rabbit hole to educate myself on all the basics. In 2019, I started Grey Ann Photography, then of course we all know what happened in 2020… but I lucked out living in Florida, and a lot of people were traveling here to get away and spend precious time together. I got a lot of inquiries from traveling families and it just took off from there. Motherhood and maternity is where my passion lies because I believe that was the moment it all started for me and my photo-taking journey.

Becoming more of who I want to be for others, mixed in with a bit of a worldwide pandemic has unleashed my spirit and passion for this business. I want you to know the real me, as I plan to get to know the real you!

I’m Katherine

fun facts about me

"Love made me crazy, if it doesn't you ain’t doing it right"

Acts of service is my love language!

Sarcasm is my fluent language.

I switch back on my comfort shows to have on in the background - Gilmore Girls, and Friends!

I’m a bit of a Swiftie!

I’m usually hyper-fixated on a craft or hobby that I’ll never finish.

I’m an only child, and that is why I wanted to have a minimum of two kids (girl mom here!). Being an only child can be hard, but being an only adult child was even harder for me.

“Life isn't worth living if you never put your heart on the line, if you don't try new things. Pain can be short-lived, 'could have beens' will live with you forever. Don't live your life in a bowl full of regrets, because you're scared of the unknown.”
― Meghan Quinn, The Mother Road

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It is your time to come out and be a part of your family as your true self. I will be here for you in the moments when you need that gentle reminder that “Yes, I belong here, and these are the people that I love


“Katherine has captured so many sweet memories of my children and I am so thankful to be able to look back at them. She is professional and knows how to choose the best locations for pictures with fun, creative setups. We will definitely be using Grey Ann Photography again!”


“Katherine truly creates beautiful images and captures memories that last a lifetime. She’s professional, friendly, and patient She truly interacts with kids and families got the best shots. I fully intend to have her continue capturing moments for us for many years to come.”


“Katherine truly loves what she does! She has an amazing talent with the camera and will make you feel truly welcome.”


“Katherine has taken our maternity, and newborn photos and we have loved every single session! She’s not only super professional but is so thoughtful and has made every experience perfect. We will continue to use her for all of our life’s milestones!”


“Our family photo shoot was nothing short of perfection! Katherine gets every detail you are wanting and customization to your style. She has an amazing client closet! On top of having beautiful, jaw-dropping photos at the end, the whole experience is stress-free and organized all because of her.”


“Katherine captured beautiful shots of our large family, while on our vacation. She was very easy to work with. Highly recommend her!”