June 8, 2024

In Home Newborn Photography Session


The Beauty of In Home Newborn Photography Sessions 

The low down on in home newborn photography sessions

The beauty of in home newborn photography sessions lies in the authentic atmosphere a home can bring to photos. Unlike studio sessions, which often rely on props and artificial settings, in-home sessions capture the natural, intimate environment where families create their memories. This authenticity infuses the photographs with a unique warmth and personal touch that is difficult to replicate in a studio setting.

In-home newborn photography sessions hold a special place in my heart because of the comfort and ease they bring to my clients. New parents, especially, appreciate the convenience of not having to travel with their newborn, which can be stressful and time-consuming. Instead, they can relax in their own space, surrounded by familiar sights and sounds, making the experience more enjoyable and less daunting.

What is an in home newborn session?

All in all, an in-home newborn photography session is a photo shoot conducted within the comfort of a family’s home, focusing on capturing the earliest moments of a newborn’s life in a familiar and personal environment. This type of session offers several unique advantages and qualities that distinguish it from traditional studio photography:

Key Features of In Home Sessions

  1. Comfort and Convenience:
    • For the Baby: Newborns are more at ease in their own home, surrounded by familiar smells, sounds, and their daily routine.
    • For the Parents: Eliminates the stress of traveling with a newborn and all the necessary supplies. Parents can relax in their own space and take breaks as needed.
  2. Authentic Environment:
    • Personal Touch: The photos capture the family’s true living environment, making the images more meaningful and personalized.
    • Natural Interactions: Family members interact more naturally in their own home, leading to more genuine and heartfelt moments.
  3. Unique Backdrops:
    • Home Settings: Each home provides its own unique backdrops, from the nursery to the living room, adding variety and character to the photos.
    • Personal Belongings: Including items like the baby’s crib, toys, and family heirlooms adds a personal touch to the images.
  4. Flexibility with Lighting and Timing:
    • Natural Lighting: Photographers can utilize the natural light available in the home, creating soft and flattering images.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions can be timed around the baby’s schedule, taking advantage of moments when baby is calm and content.

Best reasons to have an In home newborn photography session

One of the aspects I love most about in-home sessions is the genuine comfort my clients feel as a result. Being in their own home allows them to be more relaxed and natural, which translates beautifully into the photographs. Parents can cuddle with their newborn on the living room couch, siblings can interact in their playroom, and the baby can be photographed in their nursery—all settings that hold special meaning and create a rich narrative of family life.

Moreover, in-home sessions provide endless opportunities for creativity. Each home offers unique backdrops and lighting conditions that add depth and character to the photos. Whether it’s the soft light streaming through a nursery window, the cozy ambiance of a bedroom, or the charm of a backyard. These elements contribute to the distinctive aesthetic of an in-home newborn photography session!

Ultimately, the goal of in-home newborn photography is to capture the true essence of a family’s early days with their new addition. These in-home newborn photography sessions are about more than just taking pictures; they’re about preserving moments of love, joy, and connection in the place where they happen most naturally. The result is a collection of timeless images that families will cherish for years to come, each photo a testament to the beauty of home and new life.

The Process 

The Process of an In-Home Newborn Photography Session

  1. Preparation:
    • My newborn clients start by reaching out to me to book, pay a deposit to secure their session. 
    • Once they deliver they message me and we schedule at that time for the session.
    • typically within the first two weeks. I style the whole family. We take into consideration their home decor and colors.
  2. Session Execution:
    • Sessions are scheduled for morning or the afternoon so we have good light coming into the home. We utilize whatever space they like but all that is needed is a window with good light coming in. 
    • We start by doing the whole family and getting lifestyle pictures with everyone cuddling the baby as much as possible. 
    • The session has no time limit, we wait for the baby but I typically try to get family portraits out of the way first especially when there’s young siblings as they aren’t also the most patient. 
    • After family portraits if the family likes, I will move on to some styled shots of baby posed in a basket or something similar. This process can be quick or it can take some time but it does not matter either way, we are on baby’s timeline and that is okay!

Benefits of In-Home Newborn Photography Sessions

  • Emotional Connection: Above all, photos taken at home often hold deeper emotional significance, as they capture the real-life setting where the family’s early memories are made.
  • Timeless Quality: The natural and personal elements of in-home sessions make the images timeless, treasured keepsakes.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Parents and newborns are more relaxed in their own space, leading to smoother and more enjoyable sessions.

In summary, an in-home newborn photography session offers a unique and intimate way to document the precious early days of a baby’s life, emphasizing comfort, authenticity, and emotional depth.

The Boho in-home newborn photography session

Imagine that sweet newborn scent, paired with the sound of baby coos and the white noise machine in the background. You’re in the comfort of your home, with the new addition that completes your family. This is what in-home newborn photography sessions are about!

This in-home newborn photography session from start to finish took just under 4 hours which is completely fine! It’s never the same for everyone. We went with the flow in order to not pressure the little one. I want mamas to not stress if baby isn’t falling asleep as quickly as they hoped, or need to feed. Babies are brand new and we are throwing them for a curveball during newborn photography sessions! It is totally expected that they feel disrupted and out of their new norm.

I chose a neutral color palette for this family’s in-home newborn photography session so that the main focus could be on their precious newborn baby girl. They live across the street from the beach, and their home decor reflects lots of blues, whites, and yellows. The style of the clothes gave that beachy bohemian feel that complemented their home.

Choosing between the studio and home

Your home is your safe space. No matter what the setting of your home is like, it is your sanctuary. You’d be surprised what photographers can work with!

The studio is a blank canvas for your family to paint their story, whereas your home is a story in of itself. Remember the comfort and the perks of being within your home – that’s the beauty of it! All in all, just know that your life’s story will be told beautifully regardless of where you choose to have your newborn photography session.

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