New Smyrna Beach Family Photo Session

February 5, 2024

New Smyrna Beach Family Photo Session


This beach adventure family session was shot at Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach. 

Adventure family sessions have my heart because this is where your family can come together to tell a story with authenticity and explore new or favorite places.

New Smyrna Beach Family Photo Session

About New Smyrna Beach

I have expressed to my clients how this New Smyrna Beach changes each time I visit. I love that we get a sunset over the water at this location, making it the perfect backdrop to tell your family’s story! Every family gets a different beach for their session for that reason and I love that it is unique to them. 

I prefer to let the kiddos climb and explore, while the parents can watch from afar in the meantime. Another thing I like about this location is the beautiful driftwood that is along the shore. The tree featured in this session is in a different position on the beach each time I visit.

“I just love that even though it is the same location, no two families experience it the same. It gives them individuality.”

What part of New Smyrna Beach is best?

New Smyrna Beach offers a jetty with rocks you can see at the end, where calm ocean waters border and create tidepools, whether the tide is low or high. Although it’s a bit of a walk, it’s %100 worth it! Remember, Adventure!

New Smyrna Beach Family Photo Session

The adventure 

I see this session as an adventurous family session at New Smyrna Beach. We explored, climbed, and searched for treasure. I can’t help but think that these scenes look like something from a book with this gorgeous family. We traversed along the shoreline with the rocks as our destination, stopping along the way to collect shells and treasures. We listened to the gentle call of seagulls coupled with distant screams of delight from other beachgoers, all swallowed by the sound of the beach’s white noise. New Smyrna Beach is truly magic. 

Why you should do an adventure session with your family

These moments on the New Smyrna Beach look like they’re straight from a storybook. Imagine a story about your family. Giving your littles something to do and a way to play can change the entire dynamic of your session. Wardrobe can also help present yourselves as the main character in your story, which is why this session looks straight out of a novel! Allowing yourselves to adventure is key to these sessions. in addition, exploring as a family, being in the moment, and allowing yourselves to feel like the world is yours in that moment. 

I hope you choose to adventure for your next family session!



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